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45mm Round Stickers
45mm Round Stickers
45mm Round Stickers

45mm Round Stickers



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Our stickers are stylish, practical and eco-friendly. The self-adhesive label is coated with a water-based permanent adhesive, which is made from renewable compostable sources.

  • eco and stylish
  • choice of two designs - one for writing on
  • uses water-based adhesive
  • made from renewable sources 
  • commercially compostable

The designs feature stylized young plants unfurling their leaves. The write-on sticker leaves a nice space for you to scrawl the day's sandwich fillings, or the exact combination of berries in your granola.

Fancy a custom-printed sticker? Contact us to help you create the most eco stickers to show off your brand and communicate with your customers over lunch.

Case count : 1000